Growing from the Root

As part of a final project for my course Justice through Agriculture during the fall of 2020, I redesigned the the visual identity for the Philadelphia’s first comprehensive urban agriculture plan, “Growing from the Root”. Leaning graphic design from the 1960s and 70s, I sought to evoke the feelings of sustainability and reconnection with nature associated with those eras.

Along with the creation of new logos for the program, my project also focused on the impact of localized and positive climate change and sustainability messaging on public response. Creating marketing that is local, positive, and actionable garners greater response from the public. Based on this, I created a series of poster that could be placed throughout the city to encourage increased participation in urban agriculture programs in Philadelphia.

Educational resources

Part of the new design for Growing from the Root envisioned increased school curriculum on urban agriculture, encouraging students to engage in the classroom, but take educational resources home to promote intergenerational agriculture education.

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